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Updated: 1/27/2020


Hi there! My name is Scott, and I'm the software engineer for Faction Supplements, creator of Eclipse. If you're reading this, you're probably wondering what cookies are and how we use them on our website.

Cookies refer to a small data file that is written to your device when visiting a website. The programmer (me!) gets to decide what data is written to the file, and how it is used. In our website, we generate a unique id for your machine, and write it to a file in your machine. We then use that unique id to record and recall what items you add to your cart. This allows us to save the items in your cart in case you plan on checking out later, or are still deciding.

We do NOT sell this information to anyone, and only use the information to give you a better browsing experience on our website. So, grab yourself some milk and enjoy EclipseLabz.com